Digital Project Life: Plan your book

Hello everyone! CT Member Arisa here
Before we can even begin to make our Project Life book, we need a plan!
It saves a lot of work if you already know what you want, from the beginning believe me

Think about what you want. Hybrid or 100% Digital? 12x12, 6x8, 6x12 or maybe a completely different size? Which layout you want to use?

My pages are 7x7 with design A. 100% digital.
For a photo book providers I have been already decided. It will be Blurb.

Each photo book provider offers different formats. It is important to know that each provider works with various page sizes. 12x12 is not equal to 12x12. Blurb offers a booksize calculator:

As you can clearly see here the page size is not exactly 7x7. To save me a lot of work later I customize my layouts.

And now we can start with our design
I created this cover page with Wendy's Resolutions available @ The Digital Press...

And now enjoy the Video, it will show you how I made this Project Life Cover.