Escape to Africa

Hey, hey i have something new to share with you... it was very hard to wait till today because i wanted to take you all over to Africa. 

When I started working on this collection, I was inprired by the friendship my little girl had with a few African girls. They were dancing and playing together and my daughter and I were both amazed at the beautiful colors they were wearing. They preformed a beautiful and typical African dance. This was the moment I told myself I wanted to make an African inspired collection. With Africa we also think about all the beautiful animals who live that made it even more fun, to add a little bit of zoo inside as well as a little escape. It all turned out into a beautiful, colorful, warm African collection  that can be used for any zoo pictures as well. 

Exclusivly available at the 

Bundle includes: 71 elements, 18 patterned and 11 solid papers, 12 4x6 pocket cards horizontals and verticals, 4 ready to go pocket templates, 5 Quickpages, 5 clusters, 12 bonus papers and 40 wordbits. 

For a limited time you will recieve these wordbits for free with purchasing theDigital Scrapkit.

For the first time in the shop: I made for you some fun ready to go pocket page templates. They are to use as is just add your photo's and personal text and it's finished. BUT it is till 100% customizable as well. You can clip any papers, elements or cards of your choise. Availble in TIFF, PSD and as PNG.

pages by me

Mother Bear




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