Tutorial Tuesday: pocket

Since 2014 i'm hooked and addicted to Project Life. This even made me print my first book beginning this year of our whole 2014 weekly. This year i'm doing it again. 

Something wich is coming back every week is that i stick my week cards in pockets, my own made paper pockets. There are 2 version of this i always use, 
and the one you see below of i want to show you.

The first thing i do is duplicating that layer so you will have a bottom layer.

After i have duplicated it i make a oval selection so i can cut the half away from that layer, a you can see below in the picture.

Than we will make a shadow for that half cuted layer, Be sure to make the shadow on its own seperate layer so we can costumise it.

Now the shadow is having it's own layer we can move it around with pervert. Go to TWIST and make the shadow slightly popping out so it looks like something is in it. You can see below how i did this.

Now the pocket is almost ready. Go to the bottom layer of what you have dupicated in the beginning. and clip a paper of your choice inside.

Now go back to the cutted layer and clip a different kind of paper in there.
You can make a pocket with patterned papers, or any solid papers of your choice.

Now the pocket is ready for use, clip cards or elements inside. or costumise it even more by adding more elements on the top layer of this pocket.

I hope you had fun reading this. 
Have a beautiful day...