make black and white photos pop

Hello everyone!
CT Member Arisa here, to bring you all a new video and tutorial
I love black and white photos! I shoot all of my photos in color and edit it in photoshop later. Turning a photo into a good black and white is fairly simple. 
Lets take it step by step:

Convert your photo to black and white. 
Adjustments > Black & White

Next I increase the brightness. Here I increased it to +50 but it will vary depending on your photo.
Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

And finally, just increase your blacks. That will make your details and features pop. Here I increased the black to +30 but it will vary depending on your photo.

With these photo's i made a page process video as well.please enjoy!!

Here you can see the final result of my page using Wendy's Winter Woodland.


  1. What a great TUT and beautiful picture... thank you!!! Lisa aka Cassie Flor on FB


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