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Layout walk through with Wendy + Tutorial

Hello Everyone... I'm here to show you one of my latest scraps with my own products.

In November i brought you the Collection Move your feet. I made this because my oldest little girl was starting with Jazz Dance. This month After more than 6 months of practise she had her very first Dance Demo. She was looking forward to it for weeks already and was so nervous and excited when the day was here.

In the morning before they left some ladies were putting some make up on her and making her more beautiful with some fun little sparkles next to her eyes. Of course i had to watch her very first show, and i felt so proud with her. Sadly short after her dance started  she forgot a part of where she had to go, so she started to cry and i felt helpless to see her like that, but happily she refound herself short after that and had a lot of fun with the other part of the dance. We are so proud of her she did this with such a big public. And she did so good.

This weekend i made my pocket spread about this event for in our year book, and it was so fun to do. I love all the purple inside of these pages, it makes it alive.

For these pages i also used my newest pocket templates Pocket Addict 4 available in both my shops. It was so fun to play with the different colors. I even used some blending modes on the papers to create some new unique looks. Same i did with some pocket cards. Lets take a closer look on the pages.

When i posted my spread on Facebook there where some question about how i did that with my silhouette. So i decided to give you a little tut abouthow to do this. 

I used 2 pocketcards to do this. Of course you can  it with your kid too, but than you have to
 make sure to make a tube of the person you wanna use.

These are 2  cards i used

Now i made a selection of the yellow brush so i can dreg that part to my other pocket card.
Than i removed the silouhette card and work on the other.

Now i make a new layer plain grey and clipped it into the brush,

In my opinion i didn't like the black against the purple dotted pattern, so i used my pen tool to make a path and than create a selection with a right click on the mouse.

Now this selection is made we can fill this part in with white or any other color of your choice.
I wanted it to be white.

Now  the card is finished and ready to use.
I hope you liked seeing how i made 1 card out of 2 and making it unique. And hopefully it was helpfull to you as well.

Have a wonderfull weekend and a lovely fathersday when you celebrate tomorrow!

♥ Wendy


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