They are troopers, Hope anchors and Flash back Finale

This weekend is the last weekend of our anniversary celebration. We had such a fun time celebrating with all of you! This time we have a Flash Back Finale...

This weekend i have for you 3 new collections, yes 3 and one of them is huge at least when you buy both.

The first 2 collections i made with my friend Amanda. Sugarbabe Krista made a request in the forum about a girl scout cookie kit. And we accepted this challenge. We even made a boy and a girl version, and the fun part is you can buy the all together in one bundle with an amazing discount.

scoop with amanda


scoop with amanda

 Save more more when you buy the mega collection


 And the last scoop this week a very soft and delicate one with love and hope

scoop with Bobbie

And last but not least i have for you a new plaid pack coördinating with all 3 of the scoops

Now have a wonderful weekend