Doctor's orders & Homeschooled

Same as lots of you doing as well we are social distancing. We have 2 weeks of Homeschooling down wich is very weird and challenging for us since normally homeschooling is illegal here where I live... But there have been lots of puzzles, games and we have our puppy to cuddle a lot with and to make a walk with him. And I'm scrapping a lot again.

But this weekend I have for you 2 new scoops, Both are perfect to use in regular situations but also with the Corona chances we all go through...






Last but not at least I want to share some layouts with you made with the Pandemic freebie wich is still available in the post HERE

03202020covid19 challenge-14-currently

PANDEMIC_Custom_ 2020_3_Hoarding_copy

ssdmarch_14CurrentlyInventingchallenge WEB_2020_March_Covid

Well keep save and keep healthy, spend time with your loved ones
and see you next time!

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