New - Diagon Memories

 Last year I wanted to surprise my eldest with a Harry Potter inspired Gnome collection wich turned out to be Expecto Patrognome. Last month my daughter asked me if I could also make a Diagon Alley inspired collection. I thought that sounded like fun and unique so I took on that request, and so Diagon memories has been born. I decided to make it in the same basic colors as the previous HP collection wich just a few more colors added, in this way they are a perfect match to use combined with each other.


Diagon Memories - Bundle by WendyP Designs

If you didn't had a chance to buy Expectro Patrognome yet but you want them both now, They are available as a Kit Bundle but also as a big Mega Bundle

Diagon Patrognome - Mega Bundle by WendyP Designs

Now it is time to see some wonderful inspiration...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

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