October 1, 2015

Family Blessings - Coordinated Collection: 1$ each pack

The month of october it is all about family... I love my family, my hubby, my son and my 2 little girls!! Wich this collection i was inspired by how fun it is  to search for all those beauties with the kids. But also the cozy stay at homes and make it cozy with my hubby and candle light. Being together with my family and having a good

September 28, 2015

Toothless Smile: Page process video

Hello hello..... I have for you a new process video from Arisa.
It is always so much fun to see what she create and how she did all that.
Love here detail this time what she did with the tooth!!

September 18, 2015

The Toothless Grin Collection is New in the shop!!

Hello, hello....
I'm here again with another special collection close to me and my kids hearts...
My 2 oldest kids already lost some of their teeth for exchanging, but now my daughter Lorena has lost 4 teeth in just one week. This makes her pictures even more adorable at this moment, and they both are so proud! But this also inspired me to create a fun colorful teeth collection. And nothing could be more perfect than "Toothless Grin". This to capture all those proud little moments all those kids expierence... but it is also perfect to scrap any other tooth related memories like going to the dentist. In this collection you will find fun and unique little elements, and some gorgeous coordinated add-on packs.

September 10, 2015

Free printable pocket cards....

I love this quote and it is one we use a lot in the country where i live. 
And since it is also perfect for a soccer collection i couldn;t recist making this for you..

"When you don;t shoot you never reachyour goal"
You can see this as a ball wich will not reach the goal. But you can also see it like
when you don't try, it will never happen.

Make something of your life, be never afraid to shoot, when you wanna reach something.

September 8, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: pocket

Since 2014 i'm hooked and addicted to Project Life. This even made me print my first book beginning this year of our whole 2014 weekly. This year i'm doing it again. 

Something wich is coming back every week is that i stick my week cards in pockets, my own made paper pockets. There are 2 version of this i always use, 
and the one you see below of i want to show you.

September 3, 2015

New Collection: Live with Goals

Hello hello... I've been busy for you the past week.

Now my little boy has started his first year of soccer, he feels so big already. But it feels so good to see him happy when he is doing this sport. The one thing he always loves to do, no matter where or with who he is..But because this is his first year, our life as a family is changing as well. Wake up early every Saturday and training twice a week. 
Because of this change I was inspired to create a collection about this sport. And fun thing is that it ended up in my sons favorite colors, And the sillouettes in this collection are from my little champion.

August 25, 2015

Escape to Africa: Page process video

Also this time my sweet CT member Arisa made an awesome  speeds page process video.
It is really so awesome to see how a page is build and get completed.