Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Coordinated Collection: 8 packs for just 1$ each

Hello Everyone... Summer is here and it's hot hot hot!!
And in a few days it will be 4th of July that means a lot of celebrations in america...

I really loved this months colors and theme... it inspired me for
White beaches, blue water and a perfect touch of red. What do you need more on a day in July, 
well maybe some good waves and fun celebrations. 

The colors are perfect to scrap some fun 4th of July pages, or some of your beach and surf memories.
Or maybe even both of them.

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Collection: Boho Beach

Summer is almost here, well maybe it is already, we already had some really nice warm days already.
This is making me want more of those days!

I saw some beautiful feathers and shells and was thinking hey why not making an collection with both of those. I really loved working on this beauty.
It feels like a little piece of heaven on the beach,the warm and salty air and the nice warm breeze,This all means summer is here...

Friday, June 5, 2015

New Collection: Masumi

Hello you all...

A few months ago someone asked between some comments for an Oriental Collection.
At that moment i found it a interested idea to make something like that.
And now few months later i finished it.. i really loved working on it and how it turned out.

I was inspired by the deep red and gold colors, and the beauty of those countries 
Therefore I have called this collection Masumi which means beauty.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Collection: "This happy place

Hello Everyone... 

I always have wanted to do a rainbow colored collection. And now i have finished it. I must say the way it turned out it is my new favorite...
I think everyone can need a rainbow in some way!

No matter how long the rain lasts, 
there will be a rainbow in the end. 
No matter how sad you may be, 
Believe that Happiness is waiting.

This collection is all about happiness, with colors of the rainbow every dream can come true!
This Happy Place Collection

Friday, May 1, 2015

iNSD: 50% Sales, new CU's + GrabBag, CT Call and DigiScrap Parade

Happy iNSD everyone!!

I hope you'll enjoy all the storewide sales and fun challenges you can play all around.
I'm always pretty much excited when this time of year is here again. It is making me scrap a lot... (more than normally).

And it makes it even more fun that this months Digiscrap Parade is at the same time with this huge event! I really liked the team of this month. Perfect for springtime the month that a lot of things are starting to grow.