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New: Happy Gnome-giving

Happy gnome-giving - Bundle by WendyP Designs

And so the fun Gnome series continues, This time to help you documenting the days of Thanksgiving. I had so much fun creating the pilgrim gnomes, there is also one general included.  Even though time is weird this year, I think we even more want to gather with our loved ones just to have them around in these dark days.

Cozy Days Scoop with Studio Basic

This weekend I worked together with Rubia from Studio basic Designs. I just love working with her and all the collections turn out amazing, this one is no exception!

Cozy Days, is inspired by settling in by the fireplace with a warm mug of your favorite hot drink. Maybe you are wrapped in your favorite blanket watching the leaves fall outside. Document your fall as it rolls into winter with this warm and fuzzy collection. This is the best season to get comfy inside and get lots of layouts done!

Cozy Days Bundle by Studio Basic & WendyP Designs

DSD Celebrations at SweetShoppe

It is Digital Scrapbooking weekend!! 

This mean it is time for a huge sale again and lots of fun festivities at SweetShoppe. Enjoy all my products with a 40% off storewide sale

I prepared a lot of yummy collections to celebrate this weekend. 

After I made my gnome valentine collection earlier this year I found it so fun to create these cute little gnomes that I decided to make a serie out with it. So came this weekend 2 other gnome collection: Gnom-o-ween and Hearth & Gnome... There will be more coning in the future.

Also I was thinking a long time about doing a book serie to make collections out of each genre, I told this idea to my friend Meagan and she found it a great idea. This is how another serie has born, this mean not that our animated dream serie stops both will continue... Now Halloween is around the corner we decided to start with Book Lovers: Horror.

And to continue my sports serie I looked at some of your suggestions and decided to do Lacrosse this time. I had to say before I never knew the existence of this sport, but after seeing the serie Teenwolf I found out is was a real thing lol... So here is Live Love Lax

All collections are available as Bundle, Kit or cards only

Gnom-o-ween - Bundle by WendyP Designs

Animated Dream: Home

It has been a while I updated my blog. That has been because I was working on a an album for my oldest her class, this is also the main reason that it has been a while I made solo kit. My oldest was in her last class of Elementary school so it was a sweet goodbye and to surprise them I made an album for them with all photo's from their first year till their last I made 72 pages straight in just 1,5/2 months lol so that took me some time. They were all so happy with the album, now when summer break is over they all go their each way like in 4 different middle schools, so some they maybe never will see again. But now they have a sweet memory album.

Anyway I wanted to let you know a started a solo kit again, another sports one for on the water...

But for now I want to show you my new favorite Animated Dream collection with Meagan. This one is so cute and bright with lots of fun elements.

Have a fun adventure with a purple alien and bold human as you talk about the theme of home and love. Is your family out of this world?! Make a far out album!

iNSD 2020 Lots of new yummy designs!!!

Happy iNSD everyone!! Be sure to check and enjoy all the fun games and challenges in the forum and build your stash with even more goodies because there is a 40% off storewide sale again at SSD...

"On the look out" in nature for teddy-bears

A digital scrapbooking collection by WendyP Designs, On the Look Out is just in time for cook-out and camp-out season. Take a walk in the woods and see the wildlife and nature’s beauty, then come home and document your outing with this “beary” adorable collection! Keep your eyes peeled and who knows, you might see some cuddly bears of the stuffed variety right in your own neighborhood!

On the look out - bundle by WendyP Designs

New "Be Faithful" Collab with Val

Vale also known as Valentina Pelliteri or maybe you know her as Valentina Creations, is one of my oldest, dearest and one of my very best friends since I started digital scrapbooking back in 2012. We made many beautiful collars in the past and builded a very strong friendship with lots of chatter and FaceTime. Even when years later Vale was more photographing than designing we still kept in contact, just to check in with each other and stay connected. Now the ast couple of weeks we we are chatting a lot again just to be there for each other in these hard times. Vale is from Italy and in one of the many countries who hitted hard. We are talking about our memories of the past and agreed to collab again just like we did many times years ago.. It was so fun and special to work on this one together again after so long time. 

Be Faithful - Bundle by Vale & WendyP Designs

Doctor's orders & Homeschooled

Same as lots of you doing as well we are social distancing. We have 2 weeks of Homeschooling down wich is very weird and challenging for us since normally homeschooling is illegal here where I live... But there have been lots of puzzles, games and we have our puppy to cuddle a lot with and to make a walk with him. And I'm scrapping a lot again.

But this weekend I have for you 2 new scoops, Both are perfect to use in regular situations but also with the Corona chances we all go through...

Time to Bloom

A digital scrapbooking collection by WendyP Designs, Time to Bloom, is inspired by 

nature’s blooms bursting from the ground announcing spring with fun touches of steampunk! Beautiful earth tones and 
natural elements will compliment your layouts of springtime weather, fresh breezes, 
budding gardens, and family fun. 

Save big on all Scoops & Dips new ones included!

I always love to work together with my Co-Designers at SSD, that makes Scooper Dipper weekend even sweeter because there will be a lot of those collaborations.

You can save 25% on ALL Scoops and Dips even the older ones!
Including my 2 series Animated Dream & Around the World wich you can find in the side bar of my blog!

This weekend I worked together on 3 collections and I have one re-release with a huge update...

Sticks in actions: Ice and Field...

Happy Valentines day!!

To celebrate the day of love with you all we have selected 1 product we love most and discounted it with 50% for 2 days only! It was really really hard to choose just one, But because I love my kids most I decided to pick my "Double Trouble" collection for all those little hearts of ours..

Digi Scrap parade & Happy 14th Birthday SSD!!

Welcome to the February 2020 Digiscrap Parade blog hop. My portion is below, I hope you enjoy it! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the next stop!

Black Friday Sales & many new releases

Hello everyone,

I hope all those from America had an amazing Thanksgiving so far! The Black Friday sales are beginning at SHCO and SweetShoppeDesigns

DSD Celebrations, Sales and more..

Happy DSD everyone! I hope you all enjoy-ing all the celebrations going on in the shoppe and forum. There are lots and really lots of new products for you all and games and challenges. And there is a Store-Wide Sale going on, so if you missed anny of my previous releases grab your chance!

New in the Shoppe Music is life

Hello everyone there will no day pass by not listening to music. If it is the radio, youtube, spotify or anything else i just love music. Next to that i have now 2 girls who are following dance classes and they both love it.

Music is Life, is a celebration of the way music can enrich and shape our lives. Whether you love to sing along to the radio in the car, perform in front of a crowd or just dance to the beat of your own drummer, you will create soundsational layouts with this fun collection of musical goodness.

The girls made some really amazing pages

Thank you so much for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend

iNSD and many new releases

Hello Everyone.. Today here in the Netherlands we are celebrating Liberation Day. And since we had Kingsday last week I thought this is a good time to release Around the World: The Netherlands. Next to this I also have a second collection and templates.

This weekend we have also iNSD and as ussually it will be celbrated big at SSD. With a storewide sale and many really many new releases! 


Well let me show you what I have in store this weekend! My first collection with Amanda Around the World: Netherlands, is
inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of tulip fields, canal side mansions, and colorful windmills.
Document memories of visiting this beautiful country with this bright kit filled with iconic elements to
compliment your travel photos.

Last December my oldest collected some empty bottles in the neighbourhood to raise some money for the red cross. It is an event we have here every year aroudn Christmas that our whole country is raising money for that good reason. This inspired me to create a collection about fundraising, saving money.

And last but not at least i made some fun templates

I wish you all a very beautiful and sunny weekend!

With Love

Around the World: France

Hello Everyone....

2 weeks ago my hubby and I went to Paris for the first time.. zzwe had such an amazing time and have seen so much. One day we spent almost whole day in Montmartre, and on the last day we bought some yummie macarons at Laduree and brought them back home so the kids could taste it too. That seriously were so delicious! To see the Eiffeltower in darkness was so magical with all those lights. We are sure we want to go back in future...

This weekend made it perfect to let the new Around the World Collection be France...
Amanda and I had such a fun time creating this beauty and it turned out to be our fave till now...


And the Girls made such amazing pages, and i made a page myself too

Well, I wish you all a beautiful weekend!

2 new collection and FWP featured designer kit

Hello everyone happy weekend to you all. I'm bringing you 2 new collections this weekend. Last week I showed you my free with 10$ purchase kit wich is Slumber Party with fun girlish colors. This week we have for you Sleepover a more boy-ish version with fun red, blue and yellow colors. perfect to scrap those sleep over paties or just sleeping little handsome boys.

And for those who prefer to print some. We have a easy print pack for this collection too

We have some awesome inspiration to show as well...

Another new collection is April Showers a little part is from a old collab. But it is completely updated with cute new freshness.

And also for this collection i have a easy print pack available

Look at these fun inspiration, aren't these adorable?

To coordinate with Sleepover and Slumber Party i have some fun plaids again. Also perfect to use with any other collection as you prefer...

Last but not at least...

It is the last week of my featured spot. This means i have will have a Sale upcoming tuesday, you can see what will be on sale HERE. Also when you make a purchase of 10$ you will recieve Slumber Party for free.

I wish you all a wonderfull easter weekend... 
I'm leaving with hubby for a romatic weekend Paris. Will show some photo;s when we are back!